ColorWord Creative // About Us Video “Cross Marketing off Your List”

ColorWord Creative is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in clarifying their clients' message. In order for more prospective clients to see their personality, light heartedness, and high level of excellence, they needed an "about us" video for the main page of their website.

ColorWord Creative is the secret sauce for companies and nonprofits that are ready to prioritize marketing/fundraising but don’t want the hassle of managing it in-house. You know you want to get to know them, go to their site here: ColorWord Creative

Why An About Us Video?

ColorWord Creative is an awesome crew of human beings that needed to promote their equally awesome capabilities as a marketing agency. That’s right, even marketing agencies need to market themselves. So, to achieve this, we made them a stylish ‘About Us’ video for the home page of their website.

An “about us” video is kind of like the ‘About Us’ section of your company website, except cooler. It’s also way more efficient at showcasing your services, personality, and other characteristics of your business that may convert clients. A well-written ‘About Us’ section can still offer useful information, but we’ve found, especially in our experience working with ColorWord Creative, that an about us video truly sells the most unique qualities of a company which are difficult to find in competitors.

Pre production: Sharpening the Axe

Any video designed to promote a company’s brand requires a healthy degree of research, planning, and conversations over coffee. This project was no exception. In fact, it was a shining example of why preproduction is so important.

Early into the preproduction process, ColorWord Creative wrote a script for us to use. That script became the foundation for their video’s messaging, tone, and pacing. However, there was still a lot for us to figure out…

  • We have to film interviews and b-roll with ColorWord Creative’s staff, all in one day
  • ColorWord Creative works remotely, so we need to rent an office to film them in
  • Collaboration is a big part of ColorWord Creative’s work flow, so we need clients (real or fake) for them to interact with in the video

To overcome these challenges (and more), our team developed a production board. The board included visual inspirations, location scouting, a shot list, and other logistics that could speed up the production and post-production processes.

Production: Chopping Down the Tree

We kicked production off with interviews! ColorWord Creative met us at our studio in Wheaton, where we had set-up a white sweep and decorated its surroundings to appear “lounge-y” (at least that’s how we described it).

After ColorWord Creative crushed their interviews, a couple of our videographers traveled to Elgin to film b-roll. We rented part of a co-working space that we felt suited ColorWord Creative’s modern, but slightly vintage aesthetic as a company.

Here’s where all that preproduction started to pay off.

With less than half a work-day’s worth of time, we filmed 7-8 scenes featuring a variety of ColorWord Creative staff and some of their real clients. This was ONLY possible due to the production board we created. Without it, these scenes would have been rushed, details would have been missed, and the about us video may have felt contrived or inauthentic.

Perhaps most importantly, we all wouldn’t have had such a fun time working together.

Final Distribution

Thanks to our extensive preproduction process, filming and editing ColorWord Creative’s about us video went very smoothly. As the adage goes, we spent more time sharpening our axe, so that we could more quickly and easily chop down the tree.

Once the video was polished and final revisions were made, it went live for the world to learn about ColorWord Creative!

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