Hooray you did it!!

We’re excited to have you in our studio! We’re in this business because we strongly believe that this process should be fun and probably pretty dang quick. Honestly, the time you spend looking at this page will be 3x longer than your headshot session will probably take. No joke.

We understand that getting your headshot taken could be quite nerve wrecking, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Take a few minutes before your session to look through what you should expect from Axiom for your headshot session! I promise we don’t bite (that much).

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Clothing Guidance

  • All white shirts/tops will typically be the brightest part of the picture and steal attention from your face – using a coat or vest can help break it up!
  • Busy patterns will also steal attention that you may want to consider a more simple and bold top.
  • Here’s how they’ll look on DHJJ’s site:


  • No accessory should be bigger than your face. No, that’s not a challenge.
  • Transition glasses can appear goofy in a headshot even with a hint of shade showing. Allow time for transitions to regulate to indoor lighting if you plan to wear them for your headshot.


  • Make sure your hair is styled how you want it best presented.
  • Avoid getting a haircut too close to your headshot appointment in case a rogue scissor cut gives you an unwanted edge.
  • Any glossy makeup will bring a shine from lighting, so leave the reflection for inward pondering. 

What to bring that may help

  • Comb/brush
  • Extra coat/blazer/vest as an option

Our space and parking

  • The above video is a view from Main st. to walk straight in!
  • We have parking spaces in the front of our building when you turn in. If there isn’t you can always park in the back and let us know you’re here!

Taking the Headshot

  • Ready, aim….um, shoot!
  • Our photographers will take as many photos as it takes! It goes quick, but not too quick for you to be confident in what we captured was your best self.
  • You will see the pictures as we go, just so you know exactly what we’re capturing for you.
  • This entire session should take 5-10 minutes in our studio!

Choosing your headshot

  • After taking your headshot, you can choose your images for retouch right in our studio. This way you get them asap for your use!
  • If you would like to take some time and view later, we can send you a gallery to make selections online. We just ask you choose them in a timely manner, and just let us know when you’re done with your selection(s)!


  • We do the most effective retouching when aim to keep you looking like you! Generally, we have a 30 day rule of when things should be removed or adjusted.
  • Any blemishes, glass glare, hair fly-aways will always be retouched from the image
  • We’ll send you your retouched headshot first to confirm that it’s all good to then send to your company for publishing 
  • Below are some fun before and after examples of what our retouch will look like (sure, we can give you an afro if you want, but you gotta ask nicely):

Turn around time

  • The selected headshot(s) will be retouched and available by the next business day if selected in studio
  • Selecting from an online gallery instead? Let us know when you’re done selecting your headshots and we’ll get started right away!