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Video examples and process

Relevant Examples

Company Capabilities video

Company Culture video

Product Manufacturing video

Event Sizzle Reel

30 second social cut from a larger sizzle reel

Axiom banner video

Conference banner video

Video Project Journey

How the process of video project(s) will look like:

There’s a lot of trade verbiage we use to communicate what stage we are in the process of editing video. It’s important to know these things so you know what to give feedback on, and when. We have a guide that we put together for our clients to reference as we go through the production process for our projects. Feel free to refer to this throughout our project’s journey.

Photo solution summary

Hero Brand Imagery

What is Hero Brand Imagery? It is a service product we’ve created that combines the craft and strobe lighting of a headshot, and the authentic realness working on sight of working candid photography. Together, we produce these dynamic images that showcases your workers in their element in the literal best light. A common place for these images to be best utilized are on company website banners, promotional materials, and recruitment initiatives.

Relevant samples

Headshot pricing guide