The process of knocking out the background

It’s always important to make sure the background of your headshot makes sense for who you are, and what you want your viewer to think. There are times when the needed background isn’t available, or as simple as you’d like it to be. Don’t worry, we can probably still make it happen with a neat trick!

Group composite

For this to work smoothly and effectively, each person is photographed with a full sweep. We actually take pictures of the person turned slightly to the left and right in case we need to reorganize where each person stands. And then, the rest is history! Check out what the full length looks like, and then with all of the individuals merged!

The Headshot booking process going forward


The value of replacing the background for our headshots is no added cost to the regular session fee, as long as the background we need to acquire can be possible in our studio location in Wheaton, IL. For a group composite, the image used to make the composite will be considered an additional image cost of $50 per person. Contact us for more information!